Built by football fans, for football fans

Most websites deal in users and visitors but yours is very different, yours attracts fans – real, passionate, opinionated football fans. We design every feature of MatchChat with this in mind to give your website and your fans more than just a commenting system.

Fuel fast-flowing conversation

  • Super-fast instant messaging
  • No need to refresh or click ‘see new comment’
  • Let your content spark real conversations in real-time

Bring fans together

  • LIVE fan counter
  • Displays how many fans are online at the same time
  • Its quite exciting to know you’re online with other fans
  • Fans are far more interactive on your website

Give your fans an identity

  • MatchChat profiles give fans an identity
  • Profile picture, @handle, favourite team
  • Profiles provoke debate & discussion on your website

Keep fans coming back to your site

  • Notifications alert fans when they get a reply to one of their comments
  • Even when a fan is away from your site, MatchChat brings them back
  • Fans never miss out and neither do you ☺

On the go

  • The MatchChat experience is awesome on mobile too
  • Fans will love using MatchChat on your website no matter where they are